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Caribou Workshop

Workshop completed

Domtar is pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for the Trout Lake Forest. One requirement of this certification is to establish a woodland caribou conservation approach that is consistent with the federal guidance as outlined in the Range Plan Guidance for Woodland Caribou, Boreal Population (ECCC 2016). Meeting this requirement presents several challenges, including unalignment of spatial scale between Ontario management units and federal caribou ranges, coordination of forest management plans across a range, conflicting interests from local Indigenous and stakeholder groups (e.g., moose vs. caribou habitat management, access management), developing a monitoring approach that provides information on effectiveness on the measures implemented, among other things.

Domtar has initiated a series of workshops with stakeholders, Indigenous communities and project partners to inform the development of a caribou conservation approach using stakeholder engaged structured decision-making approach and trade-off analysis. The first workshop was scheduled for December 4th, 2020 and February 19th, 2021 in Dryden. Video conferencing option was provided. 

Obaushkong Aki is facilitating Wabauskang’s involvement in these discussions.  There is funding available for two band members to attend the workshop in Dryden and we can make the videoconferencing available to any interested band members.  We will be hosting a community resource meeting (either in person or online) to have a community-focussed discussion on any concerns that band members mat have regarding the impact that a caribou conservation approach would have on the moose population or access to important value and sites.  

Foggy Forest
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