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Mining Operations Definitions


Core Diamond Drilling:

This is a form of core drilling which removes a cylinder of material while using a diamond drill. Because the diamond drill is extremely sharp the cores can be excised efficiently and precisely while minimizing damage to the surrounding area. Operators can use the drill bit from a distance which increases safety.

EM Geophysical Surveys: 

Electromagnetic geophysical surveying takes advantage of magnetic changes/anomalies below the earth’s surface and can be used to map out certain features such as fault lines, shear zones or other markers such as magnetic host rocks which minerals such as gold may be associated.

IP Geophysical Surveys: Induced polarization

Electrical resistance signatures of mineral ores are recorded by the induced polarization geophysical survey technique. This data provides information on physical and electro-chemical characteristics of rocks and provides additional information which in conjunction with other surveying methods such as EM can be used to help identify the presence of minerals of economic interest.

More information on geophysical surveys is available at: 

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