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Obaushkong Aki and QGIS


We at the Obaushkong Aki Resource office use this software for identifying any community values (hunting, trapping, fishing and plant harvesting as well as burial locations, and sites of spiritual significance that may become impacted due to mining and forestry activities).  When community values are found within a proposed area of activity, we contact the individual(s) to give them an opportunity to voice their comments or concerns.

We also use QGIS to create reports and maps for Chief and Council to review.

Our Office Coordinator Ashlee has been learning QGIS with the help of Sheldon Ratuski. Sheldon is an expert in QGIS and has been teaching Ashlee the process of reviewing consultation requests, creating maps and reports. Sheldon and Ashlee are currently only working on mining files.

We have partnered with NorthWinds Environmental Services to help us with the Forestry Consultation Requests. Jennifer Link, the company’s Senior Geomatics Analyst, is providing Obaushkong Aki with detailed information on location of values that may be impacted by any forestry activities.


What is QGIS? 


QGIS is an open-source cross-platform desktop geographic information system (GIS) application that supports viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data


Who is NorthWinds Environmental Services?


NorthWinds Environmental Services is an employee owned company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They are dedicated to providing sound, credible, consulting and environmental assessment services to natural resource sectors, government and Indigenous organizations across Canada.


Strong local and interprovincial partnerships allow them to deliver a wide range of services.  They strive to understand the unique issues and challenges of each project and assemble teams of highly qualified and dedicated professionals to best address individual project requirements. With multi-disciplinary project teams, they deliver realistic work plans and budgets with cost-effective, innovative solutions.

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